Sante GMT Products, LLC (Sante GMT) is the largest dairy and juice factory and distributor in Georgia. It has the unique asset of very high quality, western oriented Georgian management team and western partners/investors. As a member of GMT Group, Sante GMT Products, LLC utilizes the extensive resources of the Group. GMT Group management (including the company’s executive team) is recognized in Georgia as a premier, transparent market oriented management team. Through the efforts of this extended team, the company has experienced compound rates of growth in sales of 34% over the last 5 years and is well prepared to strategically expand its business.

The current management of the company has made significant strides to improve operations, product quality and the slate of available products. Sante GMT wants to continue in its efforts to establish Georgia's first modern dairy food production facilities, bridging the gap between the consumers growing demand for high quality dairy products and the general inability to deliver such products because of inefficient sourcing, production, distribution and storage facilities.

Sante GMT strives to deliver the highest quality products and services to its customer base. Maximization of shareholder value is a high priority of every employee. While maximizing shareholder value, the company's core purpose is to make Georgia a better place to invest and to contribute to the general well being of the Georgian people.

Based on these corporate principles, Sante GMT is committed to maintain its market leadership through offering high quality products at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is a highly valued objective of Sante GMT management. Only through genuine dedication to high quality products and to customer satisfaction will Sante GMT be able to maintain and expand its leadership position. In order to achieve this goal, Sante GMT strives to understand each customer's business needs, whether that customer is a sophisticated retailer in the center of the capital city, or a street vendor in a regional town.

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